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Chow! [15 May 2008|06:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So, Verona, Italy day 3. Its is so beautiful here, its amazing. Today was definatly a better day. We woke up & managed to find a laundrymat. Then we came back to our hotel for a light lunch, & finally on to the Piazza. We took the bus to the main train station, and finally got our money situation figured out (YAY!). The we walked to the Piazza which was really cool & Sam got to see some of the "really old shit" she was looking for. We saw the Arena which is like a mini version of the Rome collisium, & we got to see one of the Romen gates (very pretty, & old lol). We ended our first (real) day in Verona with strawberry & lemon gelato, which was absolutly delicious.
So yeah, my mood is better, stress is low, & Im definatly ready for part 2 of Verona tom.
<3 later homies

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